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Why backlinks are so important In search engine optimization for your site
 backlinks are so important


TOOLS SEO GOOGLE>> Taking advantage of search engine optimization sites is an essential factor in getting the content to the reader, as reaching the appropriate audience is one of the factors for the success of the published article. Therefore, it is necessary to note the importance of the search engine optimization tools site, which provides… Important information about your site and your plan to improve the internal search engine, and the importance of the backlink to your site, which is considered a great job, which you can obtain through several controls, which you take care of in the first place, which is exclusive content.


If you want to access the complete information, you must carefully apply these steps to an article, publish it now, and you will see the results that I promise you will be very satisfactory to you, in the shortest possible time.

Paying attention to the backlinks that you include in your publication or articles, within the content that you write, is one of the factors for the success of this article, so that the search engine presents it to the public.

The importance of backlinks for search engine optimization

You can use Google Trends when you want to find words that may be suitable for the content you are presenting, and you must put yourself in the reader’s place first to understand how the plan works.



After you perform the aforementioned steps, you must continue writing the article, and include the keyword with the background link as I mentioned to you, and include the link at the end of the article, which guides search engines to the necessity of indexing this article, so that it appears to everyone who searches for it. But you must know, writer, that the possibility of your material and content being accessible to the reader depends on and results from very large factors. You can overcome these factors, when you only do what I tell you, through this article. Understanding how search engines work is a very complex matter. However, it always prefers that the content be exclusive and owned by you, taking into account the control of the article, from the title, to the end point in the last line.

You must carefully apply the steps that I will explain to you, through this article, in the following points:

  • Write content of no less than 300 words
  • The content is exclusive and not copied
  • Do not copy and paste any articles into your article
  • TOOLS SEO GOOGLE Important information about the engines searched by the siteRepeat the keyword 7 times
  • You have to distribute the keyword with a backlink 3 times
  • Mention the keyword in a subtitle
  • Place a backlink to your homepage based on a keyword

Google Bots and Backlinks

Google robots always follow the keyword, and when they realize that you provide the conditions for its appearance, which is that you write the keyword and repeat it throughout the entire topic without exaggerating it, then Google robot understands the necessity of showing this written material, but you must take into account the method of adding backlinks.


With the keyword, which consists of writing it once in the title, and you should never repeat the title throughout the article, then you write it in the first paragraph of the topic, and after that include an appropriate background link, from an article that has previously been indexed. on your site, and wait for the new article to be indexed, which helps it improve its visibility, so the importance of keywords, along with backlinks, is of great benefit to your article.

How to distribute the keyword with backlinks

You must write the article, as I told you, of no less than 300 words exclusively. Do not copy any of the information within the article, so that it is classified as exclusive and non-copied content. Then, in the first paragraph, you write the keyword for the article you are working on, after If you mention it in the title, include a backlink from your site, and if you do not find a suitable link to a previous article, you must include a link to the home page of your site, with a keyword, as a basic backlink, indicating the site’s main destination, so that it can be archived immediately. Do not repeat the keyword with the background link more than 3 times if the text does not contain more than 300 words.
If you need more information about the importance of keywords, and including them with backlinks, within the article published on your site, to improve your site’s search engines, you should read some of the articles published, in one of our sections, to see . TOOLS SEO GOOGLE.. how to adjust them, within the article you want.

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